The Shoe Trends That Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

The Shoe Trends That Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

If shoes are your guilty shopping pleasure, then I have good news for you. 2017 was a great year of shoe lovers the world over. With the end of 2017, we are going to witness new shoe trends as well as re-invention of those already in existence. Winter boots and wellies are some of the shoes that are likely to make an exit due to their cumbersome nature. There are many shoe trends to look out for in 2018 and we know hard it can be to keep up with all of them. That is why I have compiled a list of trends you should look out for.


Sandals will hit the summer with a bang. They are a good way to step out into the sun and give fashion lovers the luxury to show their pedicure at the same time leaving a fashion statement. Another thing that makes sandals popular is the fact that most of them are light and colorful. They are a good compliment to most outfits, whether formal or informal. They also come in different colors and designs. For those who are fashion-forward, you can go for the more shouting colors, there are also dull colors in case you want to achieve a more relaxed look.


Every lady should make sure they have pair or two of flats. They are suitable for driving or when carrying out errands in the streets. They are multi-functional and can transition to an emergency dinner without the need to change. They come in a variety of designs and finishing. No matter your style preference, you are sure to find flats to suit your taste. Like the sandals, they are not cumbersome.

Luxurious Loafers

Based on how you wear them, they can be formal or informal. They are borrowed from the gentlemen but this does not mean they are less feminine. On the contrary, they help fashion lovers to stand out from the crowd as well as complement the various looks. They come in different shades and material to make sure you find the perfect pairing for your outfit.


Nothing compliments a woman’s look like a pair of tastefully selected pumps. Whether you are thinking about strutting a pair of jeans or a dress, you are sure to find a pair of pumps to go with your look. For those who like to stand out from the crowd, no need to worry. You can go for a pair with longer heels or a more shouting color.


They are a good alternative to sandals. Want to step out into the sunshine with a touch of class? Consider investing in a nice pair of wedges. You can never go wrong with these. They complement your look whether you are wearing a pair of jeans or a dress.

Baller boots

It is safe to say boots will remain with us for a long time. Whether you are a lover of cowboy boots to those containing lots of details, they are a viable alternative to sandals and wedges. You can go for brighter colors to complement your look and enable you stand out from the crowd.


They can be worn casually or when attending more upscale events. The shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. Straps going all the way past the ankle to the calf are likely to gain momentum.

Straps Wraps

They are also called wrapped around the ankles. While it is a sub-category of straps, the shoes hit the runway like never seen before. We are likely to see varying designs of these types of shoes and you can be sure designers will push their imagination to the limit.

Strap Flats

They are suitable for those who love straps but don’t want to wear long heels. They are colorful and feature an open toe suitable to show those well-pedicured feet.

Socks and sandals

Only daring designers who are ready to push their imagination to the limit can be able to pull such a look. During the spring 2018 runway, a lot of models were adorning high heels sandals with different shades of socks. Flat sandals were also worn with socks.


For those who want to create an illusion they are wearing high shoes, then this is the way to go. There are a variety of platforms, some of which are lower while some are longer like the heels. Strappy heels were witnessed during some runway shows. Flat and brightly colored platforms were also on display.

Cat’s Meow Heels

For those looking to make a fashion statement at the same time making sure you are comfortable, you should consider investing in a pair of these fabulous shoes. They are slightly elevated meaning you can wear them for long periods of time.

Bring out the bling

Before investing in a pair of shoes with bling, consider the occasion you are going to strut it. If it is for a formal occasion, less is definitely more. If you are stepping out into a party do not be afraid of playing around with your look. Make a fashion statement by experimenting with bling.

Glitter and Shine

Instead of wearing a “boring” pair of shoes that we are used to seeing every day, why not go for one that will surely make a few heads turn? They are a good complement to colorfully tailored suits. The only limit here is your imagination. They can be used to add color to any type of shoes.

Shoes embellished with punk accessories

For the old school fashion lovers, you have not been left behind. The accessories can be paired with boots or sandals based on your preference. For those who are not afraid to be fashion forward, you can opt to have your shoes lined with spikes.

Furry shoe trends

Just because we are in the warm season doesn’t mean we cannot include a bit of fur here and there in and on our shoes.  The shoes can be adorned with fur partly or throughout the shoe. Fur covered shoes are a good fashion statement and help you stand out from the crowd.

Sneakers and sport shoes

For those who love working out either in the gym or outdoors, you are covered in 2018. Who said you shouldn’t be fashion forward when working out? Renowned shoe makers such as Nike, Versus Versace, and Louis Vuitton have got you covered with stylish shoes as you endeavor to break a sweat and keep fit. The shoe makers have concentrated on making the shoes out of a breathable material and the sole is solid as ever. They have also not shied away from playing with color here and there.


They are some of the most stylish shoes in the market today. It is good to know they are not making an exit anytime soon. You will see your favorite Oxfords in a variety of colors and designs.

Snakeskin shoe trends

What comes into mind when you hear the word snake? I bet you think about danger. Isn’t it what fashion is all about? Pushing imagination to the limits. For those who are daring enough, we’ve got you covered. You can go for a pair made from faux version or you can go for the real snakeskin. They come in a variety of shades and designs.

Boots with laces

To achieve a completely different look, designers are placing the laces at the front of the shoes. They serve no other purpose other than for decoration purposes. They are included in different types of shoes.

Spool heels

For those looking for a heel longer than a Victorian heel, you are sorted for 2018. They have a flared base that make them comfortable to wear. You will likely see a blend between the old and new.

See through boots

Yes that’s right. Most people have not had the opportunity to see one of this. 2018 is the year where you have the opportunity to not only see but own one of these gems as well. They are mostly made of plastic but other materials are used as well. The shoe boots at Chanel for example got a lot of attention with major magazines wanting to cover the shoes. The boots come in different sizes to suit the different feet size.

Shoes with mesh details

To complement the see through shoes, there were a lot of mesh and net shoes. The nets and mesh can be used with many shoe designs. This is a trend likely to gain traction this year.

Thigh-high boots

They are so new. Every year, designers have been pushing the length of boots. They can be worn with your favorite outfit. The limit here is your imagination. They are associated with strong women such as the superheroes. They are made of different materials to suit the different tastes.

Metallic shoe trends

Metallic sheen was seen on almost every type of shoes. They come in different shades of color ranging from silver, gold or silver. They are a good way to add color to dull shoes.

In a nutshell, 2017 was a year that saw new shoe trends in the market. Based on how we have kick-started 2018, this is the year we will experience improvements in shoe designs as well as invention of new designs. We have helped you by reviewing some shoe trends you should look out for in 2018.

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