Lavender Dresses Take Fashion’s Center Stage in 2018

In the summer of 2018, you will likely experience clothes with colorful designs, florals and even sequins. Lavender dresses are sure to take center stage. They are said to be not only provocative but thoughtful as well. The color is used to express originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking as we progress towards the future. The color is a major preference by politicians the world over. Pop artists and other celebrities have also made the color appeal to many more people. The lavender has been used to craft different pieces of clothing such as shoes, sweaters, dresses, perfumes. We are going to look at some of the pieces of clothing that utilize the lavender color.

Sleeve Casual Swing T-Shirt Dresses

Add color to your wardrobe with this swing t-shirt come dress. It is made of smooth and stretchable material, a crew neck and well- swing cut sleeves. It is long enough to be decent but brings out the best features of any lady. The unique crafting not only makes you fashion forward but sexy and elegant at the same time. What I love about this dress is that it is so easy to clean.

Tunic Dress

These dresses are beautifully crafted and are so comfortable to wear. They have long sleeves and side buttons which enhances their design, fitting perfectly by bringing out the femininity of every lady. They are multi-functional and can be worn for formal and informal gatherings, and are stretchy enough. You can pair them with trousers, stockings or when on a night out, you can opt to wear the skirt only.

1950 Style Retro Fashion Pencil Dress

The skirt is made from high quality and durable materials 65% raynon, 30% cotton and 5% spandex. They are extremely comfortable to walk around in, and hug the body perfectly helping to bring out good features of the lady. This dress has a classical cutting-sleeveless and a beautiful design finishing.

Prom Dresses

The fabric is 90%cotton and 10% elastane. They are full size and circular at the bottom making them pretty comfortable to wear. The dress can be paired with a matching jacket or shoes to bring out vibrant colors. It can be worn when attending the prom or even a wedding.

Low Skater Dress

One of the things that will attract you to this particular dress is its unique design at the bottom. It is sure to make some few heads turn as you walk into a room or event. The material used in crafting the dress is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It has an off shoulder design. It is comfortable enough in case you need to dance.

Laksmi Elegant Dresses

It is made of 5% spandex, 95% cotton. The dress can easily be hand washed. It is quite comfortable and can be worn when attending a party, an outdoor event or even in the house.

Leveca Midi Dress

It is a lose fit which makes it suitable to be worn over long periods of time and to an event which you know will involve a lot of dancing. It has side pockets which are suitable for carrying valuable items. You can opt to wear it on its own or you can pair with various accessories such as matching earrings, clutch bag or even boots.

Atomic Dress

This is a beautifully cut short dress with a low V-neck at the back and high V-neck at the front. It is made from original silk material and can easily be dry cleaned. The atomic dress is a suitable dress when attending a wedding, a party or an outdoor event. You can opt to go to the beach with it.

Sleeveless Wrap Dress

This is a comfortable dress fit, beautifully made and flowy. It can be worn when attending a wedding, an outdoor event or even a date. This beautiful dress can be confidently worn by ladies of different sizes.

Lavender Mohair Sweater

What I love about this particular sweater is that it is light enough to be warn even during the warm weather owing to how light it is. It is beautifully knitted and can be paired with your favorite lavender trousers or dress. Step out with this sweater and you will be sure to make a fashion statement.

Pastel Dress

Step out boldly adorning this lavender tastefully made short skirt. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor events. For those in school, you can keep your fashion game at the top by rocking one of these skirts. You can opt for minimal accessories but for those who are bold and daring enough, you can match the dress and accessories.

Sheer Pinstriped Secretary Dress

This unique dress contains lots of beautiful detailing. It is a full size and flowy dress suitable for wearing for different occasions as well as to work. A vintage piece that gives the perception of class. It is very lightweight made of sheer material which is pinstriped.

Lavender Maxi Vintage Tank Dress

It fits perfectly but at the same time accentuates the essential features of a lady, low cut on one side to aid in easy movement, and a good quality skirt that is multifunctional. How much you can do with the dress is limited by your imagination.

Lavender 70s Poly Dress with Pleated Skirt

It is made of high-quality materials both polyester and nylon zipper and is adorned with tiny pleats at the top. The belt comes with a duct tape from the back which does not show from the front. You can pair the dress with the skirt or you can wear each individually.

Vintage Long Lavender Dresses

This is a beautifully crafted vintage high-quality dress with beautiful detailing suitable to be worn during spring. They are made from 100% rayon material. It fits perfectly and can be paired with flats or heels. A suitable apparel when stepping out to the beach, party or a hike.

Lucky Lavender Dresses

A beautifully designed dress with a floral print which is lavender, teal, black and white. On the front, it is adorned with buttons which adds to the beauty of the dress. The waistband is elastic which makes it suitable to be worn by people of different sizes. It has side pockets which makes it easy to carry valuable items. You can step out and go to the beach, attend an outdoor party with this dress.

Floral Embroidered Hoodie

Instead of wearing the conventional “boring” hoodie, why not go for something that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of people you come into contact with? The sleeves have a colorful flower pattern while the rest of the jacket is plain lavender color. This helps to bring out a sharp contrast. It can be worn by both ladies and gentlemen. You can wear it when going clubbing, attending an informal event or when attending school.

Dixiefried Niagara Dress

This is a beautifully crafted dress for those who want to show their curves. It is tight at the right places. It has straps at the burst area which helps in customizing the fit. At the bottom on the front, it has a low cut which aids in easy movement. It can be paid with matching jewelry.

Lavender Pinup Couture Jenny Dress

This is a sundress that is flirty, knee-length skirt. It brings out the burst quite well and fused throughout. It is also tighter at the waist, contains straps that help to customize the fit at the burst region. The dress has gained popularity because you can opt to wear it to a formal or an informal setting and is made of a breathable material which reduces sweating, which makes it comfortable to wear even for prolonged periods of time. You can wear it on its own or pair it with a leather jacket or a cardigan.

Split Sleeve Sheath Dress

This dress is so simplistic but at the same time so stylish. It reaches just over the knees and is free especially when someone wants to dance. Women prefer it because they can move straight from work to a party or dinner date with this dress.

There are numerous trends to watch out for in the spring of 2018 and color is one of them. Lavender color is picking up pace very fast and we are sure to see many more designers incorporate it into their designs.

Pinup Couture Erin Swing Dress in Three-Quarter Sleeves

The material used to make the dress is a stretchy and soft material which makes it comfortable to wear by endowed ladies. It has a stylish design and makes it easy to transition from a day wear to a nightwear. It has pockets for keeping your valuable items.

Cara’ High Neck Lace Dress

It fits perfectly helping to accentuate a ladies body form and has a collapsed hemline and a lace collar with a slit at the back which adds to comfort by aiding in easy movement. The zip closing technology makes it easy to fasten without any help.

Color has been one of the trends that designers are concentrating on this spring. You are likely to see more pomp and color in clothing. Lavender is one such color that designers are capitalizing on. I can not wait to see what the designers will do with this color next.

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